Kate Gosselin Posts Throwback Picture of Her Sons and People Start in With ‘Where’s Collin?’

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Whether she is posting throwback photos or just sharing family videos, Kate Gosselin just can’t catch a break from the internet trolls. What’s more, she can’t escape the Collin Gosselin questions. Her latest Instagram post is no exception. Actually, it might have even prompted more hate than usual.

The reality TV star and mother of eight posted a throwback photo of her three sons spending some time at a Wyoming ranch. It’s a picture from one of the family’s many boys or girls-only trips from over the years. In this photo, the boys are 5 and dressed in matching cowboy outfits.

“My all time favorite picture of my boys!” Kate captioned the post. “They were 5 years old and this as our first ‘boys only (plus Mom)’ trip.”

Many of the initial comments were from fans, wishing the family happy holidays and noting how different the boys look now, reports Cafe Mom. For a while, the comments seem sweet and innocent. Only a few people talked about Collin, some asking how the now 13-year-old is doing, others comparing him to his brothers in the photo. Then the real “where’s Collin” comments started flowing in.

The whole Collin Gosselin controversy started when Kate and her family made a come back on TLC. After she and her husband Jon got divorced, the family went off the air for a while.

Eventually, the family reappeared in a few specials, only to come back with a new show, Kate Plus 8. However, when the kids hit the airwaves, there seemed to be one missing – Collin.

Only recently did Kate come out publically to announce that she had decided to send her son to an “away-from-home” facility to help him learn certain strategies for life. Some have gone on to call Collin Kate’s “special needs” kid. Other critics feel the need to bash Kate for sending her son away.

“You discarded Collin like a smelly, used rag, Khate. You suck,” said one comment on her throwback post. To which many have replied in support of Kate’s decision to seek out what is best for her son.

What do you think about the “where’s Collin Gosselin” controversy? Should people be angry, or just get over it?

(Image: Facebook/Kate Plus 8)