World’s Most Generous 12-Year-Old Uses His Make-A-Wish Gift To Feed Others

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foodtruckIf there is one time in one’s life when it is completely OK to be totally selfish, it is probably when selecting a Make-A-Wish gift. You want an American Girl doll stuffed with smaller American Girl dolls? Great. You want a private costume ball at Versailles? Fabulous! I can’t wait to see the pictures. But Lucas Hobbs may have officially won the title for World’s Most Generous 12-Year-Old, because when given the option to have whatever he wants in the world, he asked if he could use his wish to help others by feeding the people in his community for free.

“When I was sick, people brought me food from our church, and it was really nice of them,” Lucas said. “It kinda got me thinking about my Make a Wish, so I asked my parents if I could use my wish to help others.”

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According to the Star Tribune, the 12-year-old was being treated for Stage III Hodgkin Lymphoma when Make a Wish asked him what his dream was. Hobbs says he wants to be either a chef or a police officer when he grows up, so he asked if he could use a food truck to serve people food for free. Make a Wish was thrilled with the generous request. According to Yahoo Parenting, Make a Wish and the Minnesota Food Truck Association arranged a tour of free food trucks that got together under the banner “ChefLucasFood.”

There were cupcake trucks, Italian food trucks, burger trucks, chicken sandwiches, and more. For the first day of the tour, the trucks went to Hobbs’ church, where 1,000  people were waiting to be fed. For the second stop, which occurred this week, Hobbs took his convoy to the Minneapolis Police Station to feed officers there. Next week Hobbs plans to take the ChefLucasFood trucks to a nursing home, then to his school, a homeless shelter, and the children’s hospital where he was treated.

Lucas Hobbs is a very sweet boy and his parents must be so proud and happy, especially since doctors report that his cancer is in remission.

(Photo: Facebook/ChefLucasFood)