Mother Claims That Her Kid Ate A Used Condom On McDonald’s Play Area And I Just Vomited

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McDonalds Anishi Spencer has a serious bone to pick with McDonald’s for the cleanliness of their playplaces. As would I if my kid had not only found a condom, but a used condom, and actually eaten it. Those filthy playplaces are urban parent legend fodder for a reason.

NBC reports that the mother of two is suing McDonald’s for at least $50,000 in damages, alleging negligence and also going after financial compensation for her kids’ medical expenses.

Spencer says that she took her two sons, Jacquel and Jonathan Hines, aged three and two respectively, to the “restaurant” in February of last year. The suit claims that the kids found the used condom on the floor of the play area. Later, baby Jacquel actually coughed up a piece of this used condom, the mother alleges. The brothers had to receive medical attention following their dining and playing experience.

The suit also slams McDonalds of Illinois, as well as McDonalds Corp, for not efficiently cleaning an area that is designated for kids. Oh, and one other thing:

It also blames the restaurant chain for not using surveillance or inspections to uncover any “deviant activities” at its eatery.

The local teenage boning grounds, revealed.

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