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Kate Gosselin May Be Running Into Money Troubles

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Money troubles are on the horizon for Kate Gosselin, according to sources. The reality tv mom of 8 has made a living filming their show for TLC, Kate Plus 8. But with filming slowing down, and the regularity of the gig seemingly coming to an end, Kate is starting to feel the pinch to the purse strings.

Kate Gosselin has been making a regular living off reality TV and various sponsorships and partnerships since the original show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, premiered in 2007.

But things have changed pretty drastically over the years. Jon and Kate are no more, and are embroiled in a bitter custody battle over their 8 kids together. The kids are getting older, and the family is under constant media and gossip rag scrutiny.

According to In Touch Weekly, production on the show is slowing down. TLC only aired 3 episodes of Kate Plus 8 in 2017. And it’s unclear what the schedule will be like going forward.

A source close to the situation told the magazine, “Kate no longer has the income she once had from the show. The money is running out fast.” It can’t be cheap to provide for a family of 9, 8 of whom are growing teenagers. The kids attend a private school that costs around $150,000 a year. In addition, there’s the cost of maintaining Collin’s treatment program. Kate Gosselin has been ripped to shreds for her decision to send her son away to a facility to help him deal with some issues.

Before the family became a household name, Kate worked as a registered nurse. But given her public profile, and the many responsibilities of being a full-time single mom, it seems unlikely that she’d be able to fall back on her previous career. Jon is currently working as a DJ and IT administrator.

However you feel about Kate Gosselin, we can all agree that financial stress is such a terrible thing to experience. Here’s hoping a solution comes along that benefits the family.

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