4-Year-Old Gives Classmates Heroin In The Latest Daycare Nightmare That Will Keep You Up At Night

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Delaware-Daycare-HeroinIn the latest daycare nightmare that will make you want to carry your kids around in a kangaroo pouch until they are 35 to protect them, a four-year-old brought more than 200 bags of heroin to share with her class because she thought they were candy.

According to NBC, the four-year-old thought her little blue packets full of powder were candy, and she distributed them to her friends at Hickory Tree Child Care Center yesterday. By some miracle, none of the children seem to have opened and eaten the packets, because the packets were actually full of heroin.

The daycare teachers spotted the kids walking around with the mysterious packets and took them away and called the police. Police figured out that they were heroin and the children who handled the packages were taken to the hospital just to be safe, but everyone appears to be fine.

The 4-year-old had found the heroin in her backpack that morning, because her regular backpack had been torn up by a family pet, so her mother gave her a new one. Hopefully she did not know it was full of heroin when she gave it to her daughter. The mother has been arrested and her four-year-old, nine-year-old, and 11-year-old are staying with a relative.

Clearly this is not a regular occurrence, any more than a daycare teacher running a toddler fight club is, but it’s still enough to engender a few sleepless nights for worry-prone parents. (There’s a near zero chance of “secondary drowning,” happening, and the thought of it still keeps parents up at night in the middle of winter.) News like this just makes a person feel out of control specifically because it’s so random and unbelievable. It could happen at daycare, at Gymboree, at a family reunion, at some kid’s birthday party. If this can happen at a daycare, I don’t even want to think about what happens at college.

Photo: Detroit State Police