Dad Pissed He Can’t Take A Gun To His Son’s School, Because ”˜Merica

Dad wants to bring gun to schoolA parent in Gwinnett County, Georgia, has filed a lawsuit against his child’s school district because they have forbidden him from bringing a gun onto school property. The parent, Phillip Evans, is questioning the school district’s policy in light of a massively insane Georgia bill that was recently passed allowing guns into bars without restriction, and into government buildings as long as those buildings don’t have metal detectors or security guards. Georgia, you done lost your mind.

Parent Phillip Evans, who is self-centered enough to believe that his rights are more important than yours, was told that if he brought his gun to his son’s elementary school, he would be prosecuted and barred from school property. Right now there is a provision under Unbelievably Insane House Bill 60 which allows schools to tell parents to keep their licensed guns in the glove compartment of a locked car when they come to their kid’s school.

So, they just can’t roam the hallways with it? Well that sounds reasonable, right? Not to Evans, who, according to the Gwinnett Daily Post, “…desires to carry his weapon at the school in case of confrontation.” Awesome. The school librarian better mind how she asks Evans for late fees. And God forbid they run out of pizza on pizza day at the cafeteria.

No one is telling this man he can’t own a gun or bring it to pick up his kid, just that he can’t take it on to school property. But Evans isn’t alone in his misguided, head in the sand outrage — lawsuits have been filed by fathers in two other counties for the same reason. Specifically, those fathers want to be able to carry guns at school functions such as assemblies, field days, and open houses.

As a parent who is well aware of the kinds of risks there are at schools these days in regard to gun violence, I still sure as shit don’t want some parent walking around my kid’s school with a gun. How dare these men demand that the rest of the parents at those schools trust their judgment as to when it’s appropriate to fire their weapons, not to mention how good a shot they are. The odds of a shooter coming into your kid’s school are small. The odds of one of these guys whipping out their guns and firing at some perceived threat are, I’d say, substantially greater.

Stop playing sheriff and leave your gun in the car. Your right to carry a gun is not more important than the safety of the other children in that school.

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