What The Royal Baby Can Eat, According To Royal Rules

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Once the royal baby gets a bit older, their menu will get a bit more exciting and varied.

Image: Instagram/@theroyalfamily

The royal baby will start off on vegetable and fruit purees, but they’ll be chowing down on the good stuff in no time! As the baby gets older, meat and other veggies will be added to the purees, and then they’ll move onto more solid foods. But again – only locally grown and sourced organic goods for the royal baby! There will be two royal menus: a regular one for the adults, and a special royal kids menu. Prince William’s kids have a catered menu at home and at school. In fact, at Prince George’s school, meals are designed by a dietitian and sound pretty fancy for kid fare. George is chowing down on stuff like baked smoked mackerel and lamb ragout!

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