Prince George Is Not Having It With His Latest Fancy Royal Event, and the Internet Loves Him for It

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Stars and kings are people, just like us, and nothing reminds us of that fact quite like royal babies. Sure, they’re wearing short pants and smocked dresses, but underneath all that polish is a toddler like any other, and if there’s one thing any parent knows it is this: Toddlers are gonna toddler. And Prince George, royal toddler, was not having any of it on Saturday at the annual celebration for the Queen’s birthday. He looked devastatingly bored throughout the whole fancy royal event, and the Internet loves him and his cute, grumpy toddler face.

While Prince William was standing properly in his full dress military uniform and the Duchess of Cambridge showed off a bright pink dress and a pretty wild (for her) new hat, Prince George leaned on the banister and looked like he would really rather be watching Peppa Pig.

The Trooping of the Colour takes hours and hours, and it happens every year. Prince George sure looks like he’s thinking, “When I am king, we are canceling this.”

The best thing about that photo is Prince Harry in the background, who looks just as bored as Prince George and only slightly better at hiding it.

Another person pointed out that the Trooping of the Colour has been boring children for decades, and that Prince George takes after his dad, who was caught doing the exact same thing back in the 80s.

The internet just loved George, though. His grumpy face was so cute and relatable. He definitely looked the way we all feel when we have to stand still in itchy clothes for a long time.

Eventually there were airplanes, though, and he got a kick out of that. Prince George and Princess Charlotte waved at the planes and stole the whole show with their royal cuteness.

One imagines that some day Prince George will be old enough to look up to 11-year-old Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway, who likes to use his royal balcony position to pick his nose, dab, make weird faces for the photographers, and generally do antics that get him shushed and scolded by his older sister, the future Queen Ingrid Alexandra. (The firstborn is the heir regardless of sex in Norway.) Kate Middleton runs a pretty tight ship, though. A bored toddler is one thing, but one does not imagine she would put up with public nose-picking from an 11-year-old.

Toddlers. They don’t want to stand up and look proper any more than the rest of us do.

(Image: Twitter / Kensington Palace)