20 Feminist Tees You Need To Have In Your Closet Now

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These are both amazing and weird times that we live in, folks. After all, in this 116th American congress there’s more women than ever before serving in decision-making positions. Yet, women still make up less than a quarter of the bodies in the legislature. We’ve raised RBG to icon level status (get it, girl!), but there have only been four women to ever serve in her position at the supreme court level. And, the last justice this country swore in was accused of sexual assault before the legislative body prior to promising to serve the American people.

While the MeToo movement took the internet and several powerful men by storm, there’s clearly more ground work that needs to be done. The silver lining is that voices are being heard, women are speaking up, and tomorrow looks brighter than ever. Historians have dubbed this period in history the ‘fourth wave of feminism’ which is targeted to make women more autonomous than ever when it comes to careers, choices about their bodies, and family planning independently. If you’ve been on the front line of the movement or just happy to cheer on those that are, here are 20 shirts that you’re going to need. A few are sized for little future feminists too.

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