8 Annoying Truths Of Potty Training No One Warns You About

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Potty-training is a shit-show. Of course that pun was intended! But seriously, it is. I knew it probably wouldn’t be as easy as some insisted it was, but there are certain aspects of it that I never even thought about before I started doing it.

1. Potty-training toddlers totally hog the bathroom.



I hope you have more than one bathroom. I don’t.

2. You will be washing sheets – a lot.



Night time is a whole other story.

3. Your child may not understand that potty training requires using other toilets, too.



I didn’t realize I’d have to give a pep talk every time we used a bathroom that wasn’t our own.

4. Those incredibly loud, public auto-flush toilets are the devil.



You finally get him pep-talked into the bathroom, and the loudest flush you’ve ever heard has completely freaked him out and made him second guess this whole “using the toilet” thing.

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