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10 Baby Names To Cross Off Your List

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baby name blocksIt’s 2015 and parents can and do name their children whatever they want. The desire to select a name that will set your child apart from all the other kindergarteners is a strong one, but some names have such a specific association that choosing one will assure your child is always linked with someone else in people’s minds. Here are ten baby names to avoid completely or chose at your own risk.

1. Joffrey



Sure, there are some Wildlings who might hear this name and think of the delightful coffee chain, but the rest of us won’t be able to think of your child as anything other than a pint-sized psychopath, even if he doesn’t wear a crown of gold.

2. Blue Ivy

beyonce no


Yes, technically Beyonce and Jay-Z lost their application to trademark their daughter’s name. But do you really want to piss off Queen Bey? I didn’t think so.

3. Hitler

john oliver no


The First Amendment is a powerful weapon. But just because you can name your child after the leader of a regime that was responsible for the genocide of millions doesn’t mean you should.

4. Barbie



Barbies are awesome toys, but if you name your baby this you better pray she loves pink and happens to enjoy things traditionally associated with being feminine and girly, because everyone else will assume she does.

5. Norman*

a little mad


Norman is a perfect name for a future accountant, or maybe a structural engineer. *Unless your last name is Bates. Negative 10,000 points if your family is also in the hotel business.

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