21 Gorgeous Pet Tribute Tattoos That’ll Make You Want to Cuddle Your Fur Babies

Pets are members of the family for a lot of people. They’ve been there during the good times and bad, always with a sympathetic ear and a good cuddle. If you lose a cherished fur baby, or just want to memorialize them forever, pet tribute tattoos are a lovely way to honor them. These amazing tattoos really capture the devotion our goofy babies have to us, and our love for them. We love tattoos that mean something really special, and all of this fit the bill.

Pet tribute tattoos can be simple. Or, they can be intricate portraits like these.


That is a bunch of good buddies! Such good buddies! The eyes are so lifelike. 

Cats are odd and perfect and do little things like this that need to be remembered.


That little tongue is so goddamn cute.

Radar is out of this world.


I mean, I’m sure pets have dreams, too. And obviously Radar wants to be in space like a good space doggo.

The great thing about pet tribute tattoos is that they can be super creative.


Love the cartoon dog and geo cat! Such a unique way to honor your best friends.

Or your pet tattoo can honor your pet’s heritage.


A sugar skull chihuahua? Absolutely perfect.

The possibilities for honoring your pets are endless. This one is gorgeous.


Seriously into this watercolor paw print, what a great idea!

Those eyes say, “I am so sorry I ate the trash again I love you”


Guilty pupper eyes are impossible to resist.

Pets can bring people together, like this regal buddy.


That is one good looking dog, I bet it’s the best buddy.

That tongue, though.


If you get a pet tribute tattoo to remember your furry friend, capturing them in all their goofy glory is the way to go.

They’re not just for dogs or cats, either.


Rats make EXCELLENT pets. They’re so smart and sweet. Love the little snail on his ratty tail.

Can’t you just hear the snorting and panting?


This portrait is amazing. There are so many details, and they really bring it to life.

So sweet to remember this buddy with a couple of his favorite things.


May Stuka have an endless supply of french fries and fried chicken at the big dog farm in the sky.

Well this is just the sweetest.


That little trio just tugs at all the heartstrings. 

I’m not sure a cooler dog exists, tbh.


This beagle is giving off serious Hunter S. Thompson vibes. 

Good job, Mili!


Give that puppers a treat, high fives deserve treats.

Pretzel cat forever.


Every pet has a thing: a weird sleeping position, a funny face. Those little things make great tattoos.

Let’s not forget our feathered friends!


Love the addition of the bird seed and favorite toy.



I have a little pugger pup, and their faces are just the best. Love this so much.

This is such a cool idea.


The eyes are seriously amazing.

Ok, this is just stunning.


So lifelike, yet so interesting with the color work. 

Sphynx cats are so gloriously weird, they demand to be turned into pet tribute tattoos.


This piece really captures the indifference and mild disdain cats seem to have for basically everything.

Do you have a pet tribute tattoo of your favorite furry, feathered, or scaly friend? We’d love to see it!

(Image: Facebook/JN Tattoos)

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