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Here’s A Duggar Dictionary To Get You Ready For The Season Premiere!

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Tonight’s the night, fellow Duggar hate-watchers! That’s right, 19 Kids and Counting returns and I will once again be recapping all the Duggar doins’ fit to print. We have a lot going on this season with Jill and Derick’s impending Messiah, Jessa and Ben’s wedding (where they may or may not have knocked boots at the church minutes after the ceremony) and the continuing documentation of Josh’s middle-age spread at the ripe age of 26. Clearly, there is a lot going on here, so I thought you may find this little primer handy so you can know all the terms and nicknames I use for our favorite fundie family. Feel free to add in the comments if you think I’ve left anything out and see you tomorrow for the first recap of the season!

The Paunch

The Paunch is my pet name for Josh, the eldest of the Duggar brood. As mentioned above, he is only 26 but looks to be about 53. A reader once referred to him as a loaf of Wonder Bread left out in the rain. Accurate.

The Boob

This is my special name for family patriarch and professional creep, Jim Bob. It’s the most fitting nickname of them all as he is, in fact, a complete boob.

The Derp

The Derp is Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald. You need only watch the episode where he proposed to Jessa to see where he got this moniker. He is lovable, but also, incredibly Derpy. May also be referred to on occasion as Forrest Gump.


Jinger is basically everyone’s favorite Duggar. She is sweet and kind and has always seemed like she might make a break for it any minute now and abandon the Duggar family compound. She also does a lot of cool shit on the show and for that, we give her snaps. Jingersnaps.

Tator-Tot Casserole

Back in the early days of Duggar, a recipe for Tator-Tot Casserole was revealed and it’s pretty much cream of mushroom soup, tator tots and heart disease. It’s a family favorite for it’s cheapness because when you are feeding 21 people, it’s not going to be something fancy, like hot dogs. It’s obviously low on the nutrition scale so whenever we note the state of The Paunch, it’s often accompanied by a reference to what this favorite Duggar dish does to the body. Answer: nothing good.

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