Common Misconceptions About Stay At Home Moms

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There are a lot of stereotypes out there about what it means to be a stay at home parent. Here’s ten common misconceptions about stay at home moms and why they aren’t at all true.

1. We love to babysit.



Sure, we are love our own kids (expect for the days when they are being monsters and then we tolerate them until bedtime), but that doesn’t automatically mean we want to watch yours too.

2. We are uneducated or have no career goals.

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Just because SAHM aren’t working doesn’t mean that we can’t or don’t want to return to work one day.There are a ton of reasons why parents might stay home and we shouldn’t have to explain that in order to get the cable guy to stop talking to us like we’re idiots.

3. We don’t care about our appearance.



Of course yoga pants or leggings are comfortable to wear on a day when you’re hanging out around the house. But still want to feel attractive or look cool sometimes.

4. We are lushes.



The stereotype of the mom who whines about their day over a glass of wine each night is much exaggerated and gives the impression that SAHMs must drink every day in order to cope. While some parents do enjoy a glass of vino, many of us choose other ways to unwind. For instance, cupcakes.

5. Our houses are spotless.

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You would think being home gives us more time to clean, but even if the baby manages to entertain herself long enough to get some chores done, the more time the kids are at home means more opportunity for messes to be made.

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