What The Royal Baby Can Eat, According To Royal Rules

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That’s not to say that the royal baby won’t get to have treats and good old junk food every once in a while.

Image: Instagram/@reinodecambridge

We know these are royal kids. But they’re still kids! And kids need to be able to eat like kids every once in a while. Like we said, we figure fast food and a bag of Hot Cheetos is probably out of the question. But the royal baby will definitely be able to indulge on occasion when they’re old enough. Some of Prince George’s favorite foods include pizza, popcorn, and ice cream. Now that sounds like a kids menu we are familiar with! It’s all about balance and moderation, and even though these kids have the best in the world at their fingertips, sometimes you just want to lick melting ice cream off your arms, you know?

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