8 Annoying Ways People Judge New Parents

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5. Stroller Or Sling


I did not realize until becoming tight with a couple of Attachment Parenting moms that anyone would think my stroller was an issue. My daughter was awesome at sleeping as long as you didn’t touch her so I let her snooze in her stroller while we were out. I got to hear about how much more secure she would feel snuggled to my chest. Except that in her case, it just made her flail around anxiously. What did I know? I was only a new mom who must be TOLD!

6. Questioning Your Pediatrician’s Advice

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An estranged (jerk) family member of mine used to tell me all the time not to bother doing things my pediatrician had told me because “other moms know better” and I should listen to them. She got on my case for letting my daughter do a lot of tummy time because the pediatrician said it was important. HER kids never did it and they were just fine! Whatever, crazy.

7. Putting Photos On Facebook

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This is a double-edged judgment. You will be judged for taking more pictures of your kid than the paparazzi do of Kim Kardashian and people will also judge what they see in the pictures. “Valerie! I just wanted to tell you- her car-seat straps look loose in that picture and she’s not wearing a hat!” Good Lord, I should have blocked my family on Facebook in those days.

8. Working Or Staying At Home


The age-old judgment for all new mothers- are you going back to work or staying at home? People will have an opinion either way and they should basically take those opinions and shove them straight where the sun doesn’t shine because it’s none of their business.

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