I’ll Never Stop Judging Other Moms So Stop Trying To Make Me Feel Guilty About It

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Who decided that all mothers have to agree with and support each other, or that we even should? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Just because we share the experience of caring for little humans day in and day out, doesn’t mean we are going to fully support the choices we each make. We’re all different. We’re filled with our own opinions and judgements and I’m here to tell you that’s okay.

Connecticut Working Moms is making an honest attempt to stop all the judgement out there by chastising women who judge each other. Last year they staged a sweet photo project where a bunch of women got together who make very different parenting choices and posed for a photo. The project was called “End The Mommy Wars.” The message was, we make very different decisions as parents and are still able to stand next to each other without beating each other senseless with a cardboard sign:


Now, they’ve done a follow up to that first photo shoot – this one also involves cardboard signs and smiling. It’s called “Hugs, not Judgment.” Here’s a peek:


Ha! Look at how she’s looking at us! This may be the most condescending judgmental picture out there. I love it. She’s judging us for judging. It’s perfect.

The only moms I tend to judge are the ones who think they have all the answers, and I don’t intend to stop. Those moms are the worst. You know the mom I’m talking about — you confide something about parenthood that drives you nuts and she starts telling you how to “fix it.” Well, if Stevie isn’t napping regularly, it’s probably because you don’t have him on a good schedule. You can’t stop his tantrums? Really? Consistency is key. It works with ALL children. Shut up, lady.

Just because you’re a mom, doesn’t mean you have to agree with all other moms. There’s no club. You don’t have a membership card. Sarah Palin is a mom for Christ’s sake. I hate that moron. What about the pro-life, anti-woman Duggar matriarch? Should I support her because we both have a uterus we’ve used? No way. Screw her and all of her parenting choices.

Women get together and talk about other women sometimes. Oooh! I said it! I’m admitting it! Guess what? It brings us closer. It gives us a sense of community. You can all get together and pretend you love and support all mothers, but you’re lying. You don’t. And it’s fine.

Judge away, moms. I support you.

(photo: Facebook)