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The Mommyish Family Planning Guide: How To Figure Out How Many Kids You Want

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shutterstock_64546297Deciding how many children to have can be tricky for some couples. Sometimes one partner wants all of the children, while the other would be happy with one or two. Some couples think that it’s important for a child to have a sibling while others are good with “one and done.”

Let Mommyish do your family planning for you. Here are pros and cons for the different number of children you may be considering having:

1. Zero children.

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PROS:  The world is your oyster. Too many people have kids because they feel like they should, but you had the courage to say, “No thanks.” With zero kids, you can focus on what you love – your career, your partner, and your sweet, sweet silence. Take a few trips without any Goldfish crackers for me.

CONS: Well, kids are pretty awesome. Mostly. And why should the rest of us suffer while you get to dance around childless? Also, from a practical standpoint, who are you going to complain about to the other residents at the home if you don’t have kids? I’m just saying it’s something to consider.

2. One child.

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PROS: Assuming you have a partner, this is an awesome two-on-one set-up. If you don’t have a partner, then you at least have man-to-man coverage going on. You also get to focus all of your love and attention on one little person, and you might only go to the grocery store once or twice a week. It’s also way easier to keep track of one kid. There are lots of pluses here.

CONS: Oh my God, it’s time to schedule another play date. You are going to be the sole source of entertainment for this child. It’s like every work party you’ve ever been to solo — exhausting, dull, and potentially embarrassing. Little kids like to tell a whole lot of stories, and you, my friend, are an audience of one.

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