Father Posts Photo Of Bound Toddler To Facebook, Promptly Charged With Abuse

andre curry facebookFacebook may be a total time-waster but it has definitely served some good in the case of Andre Curry, a 21-year-old Chicago man who’s been arrested after posting a photo of his daughter bound with duct tape.

“This is wut (sic) happens wen my baby hits me back. ;),” he wrote on Facebook to go along with the photo.

Needless to say, this is absolutely sickening. Fortunately, authorities were alerted to the photo and have since charged Curry with aggravated domestic battery. What’s really frightening is that Curry likely doesn’t view his actions as child abuse; otherwise, he wouldn’t be so stupid as to post the image to Facebook.

The photo which shows the 1-year-old girl’ hands, legs and mouth bound with blue tape has since been removed. Curry is set to appear in domestic court later today.

According to The Smoking Gun, several of Curry’s Facebook friends criticized him after viewing the image, including one woman who commented, “U goin to jail.” Another woman, Je’Vanna Cobbins, said she believed Curry was just “playing around” and that he would “never do anything to harm anyone.”

Looks like the harm has already been done. And this is just what Curry willingly chose to share with the world. I hate to think what else goes on behind closed doors.

(Photo: thesmokinggun.com)

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