Wasps Built a Nest Around a Doll, and It’s the Creepiest Thing You’ll Ever See

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See, look. CREEPY!

Thanks, wasps.

It’s not clear where this creepy doll wasp nest is located, or how it got up in that tree in the first place. But wherever it is, that place is all set with the best Hallween decor ever. Well, except for the fact that it’s a wasp nest. Live wasp nests aren’t exactly good at attracting trick-or-treaters.

Maybe these people would be better off with a smiling Jack-O-Lantern. (They could put a citronella candle inside it to discourage insects.)

The internet would like to thank the wasps for a lifetime of nightmares.

Twitter can’t deal with this wasp horrorshow. But it turns out there are a lot of creepy things in the world.

This isn’t even the first time wasps have turned into creepy little sculptors. Another Twitter user offered a photo of a wasp nest built around a wooden statue, and it looks like the Night King.

I think the wasps are trying to tell us something. It can’t possibly be good. Have wasps been slowly threatening humanity with nest sculptures for decades? I wouldn’t put it past the stabby little jerks. We should probably start arming ourselves with foggers and flamethrowers.

Do you have wasps around your place? Tell us how to deal with them in the comments.

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(H/t SomeECards; Image: iStockPhoto / Daninat)

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