This Week In Makeup Drama: Jaclyn Hill Accused Of Using Edited Color Swatches

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Image: Instagram / @jaclynhill

If there’s one type of drama we love and can’t get enough of, it’s makeup drama. OK, so we love most types of drama, sue us. But makeup drama is so fun! For those who follow the makeup grind, you’re probably looking for a new water cooler convo after James Charles and Tati Westbrook called a ceasefire. Lucky for you, the makeup world is always ready to kick up some more dust. Now, if you don’t follow the makeup stuff, just know this: people in this world take it VERY seriously. This is their business and their brand, and they are quick to call out the BS when they see it. And that’s exactly what they’re doing to Jaclyn Hill right now. The beauty maven is being accused of using edited color swatches for her new line of cosmetics. That’s a big no-no!

Jaclyn Hill has new cosmetic line out, called (obviously) Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics. A highlight is her line of nude lipsticks in varying shades.

The So Rich Lipsticks come in 20 shades of nude, which is amazing. Finding a good nude is hard, depending on your skin tone! As is the norm, Jaclyn released some color swatches, showing each shade on different skin tones. Now, we’re not makeup experts by any means. But … all those shades look eerily similar on all four skin tones. Right? Like you’d think that a rosy nude like Fussy would not look exactly the same on pale skin as it does on darker skin. But hey, maybe it’s magic lipstick! Or maybe, just maybe, Jaclyn Hill is being as shady as her line of lipsticks.

In a separate post, Jaclyn Hill swatched the nudes on her own arm.

Even factoring in her own skin tone, lighting, etc., those swatches don’t look anything like the ones promoted in the first post. They’re all so orange! Where’s the deep, luscious beauty of Ambition? Or the perfect peach of Gossip? People were quick to point out the differences, and have accused Jaclyn Hill of using one model with a digitally-altered skin tone. The swatches on the four arms in the first photo are just too perfectly matched to be real. One makeup fan on Reddit says, “There is perfect then there is pixel perfect matching. They are definitely edited, either the swatches are or they chopped off hands. There is either no difference or very tiny differences in the arm but that can be explained away by resting it on a table. The hands are identical right down to the pores.” It’s a makeup mystery!

The nudes in Jaclyn Hill’s line are gorgeous. But judging from this swatch controversy, you’re definitely going to want to swatch on your own arm before buying.