Woman Live-Tweets Nightmare Flight Next to a Stranger’s Bare Feet

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It’s critically important that we all raise our children with good manners. It’s not important that we raise “upper-class children” of the sort the Daily Mail recommends, but it’s absolutely essential that our children not grow up to be the kinds of people who do weird, discomfiting things like picking their nose in public or touching strange pregnant women on the belly without permission, or sticking their creepy bare feet on the armrests of the seat in front of them on airplanes.

That actually happened this week, when Twitter user Jessie Char was flying from Long Beach to San Francisco. At first, she thought she’d hit the jackpot. Every other seat in her row was empty.

But then her good fortune turned into a horror show. A woman in the row behind her reached one foot forward and pushed down the arm rest. Then she rested her bare foot right on it.

A moment later, the second foot joined it. Two bare feet rested on the armrests next to Char, and the woman in the next row just lounged out with her legs in a V, as though she were relaxing on her sofa at home.

Char was astonished.

Then, the left foot opened the window shade!

That is not allowed!

You can’t open the window of the aisle in front of you! Window shade rights belong to the person in the window seat. If there is nobody in the window seat, the shade rights divert to the nearest person in the row, in this case Char. Window rights never fall to the person sticking her feet into the row in front of her.

This is super gross, and I don’t even have a thing about feet.

Char said the woman wasn’t even tall. She was maybe 5’3″, which meant she would have fit comfortably with her feet in the normal airplane-riding position.

What was that woman even doing!? Did she know the seats in front of her were empty, or would she have done that even if there were a person there?

She may well have, because it’s happened before.

A different woman posted a photo she’d taken four years earlier of a time she was flying, and the woman behind her stuck her weird, turquoise-pedicured feet right onto her armrest, while she was using it.

That’s just unconscionable! If that happened to me, I would be carrying the photo around for four years, too.

Char said she tried to catch a flight attendant’s eye, but whenever a flight attendant came by, the feet disappeared. Clearly the woman knew better than to stick her feet up there, or she wouldn’t have moved them when the flight attendants came by.

The whole thing is just weird and gross and rude. I want to go back in time and give this woman a copy of What If Everybody Did That, because she clearly needs a remedial lesson in thinking about the people around her.

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(Image: Twitter / Jessie Char)