College Professor Lost It When He Thought No One Showed up for the First Day of Class

The beginning of the school year is a busy time for students, but it’s also hectic for teachers. They have to prepare schedules, classrooms, and curriculum, and there often isn’t much time to prepare. So it’s no surprise to hear that a college professor was confused about a course on the first day of class ””but his reaction was a little outside the norm.

Twitter user Lauren received an angry email from her professor on the first day of class.

He was super-pissed that not one. single. student bothered to show up.

angry professor first day of class
Image: Twitter / @laurenclairee6

The email reads, “Today was the first day of class and nobody showed up. If this is how you will act the entire semester, feel free to drop my course.”

Unfortunately for the professor, he was wrong about one crucial detail: it’s an online course. He realized his mistake fifteen minutes after the first email and sent this mea culpa.

angry professor first day of sclass
Image: Twitter / @laurenclairee6

The next email reads, “It has just come to my attention that this is an online course. No in person class time is required. I am very sorry for the rude email. I’m not a jerk, I promise. Please forgive me, class.”


Lauren tweeted screenshots of the emails, with the caption, “My professor for my online class was mad when nobody showed up for the first day, then realized it was an online class.”

The tweet has gone massively viral, with Twitter users wondering just how something like this can happen.

Some even managed to be sympathetic.

Of course, plenty made jokes, too.

I feel bad for this professor, who will no doubt be groveling to his students for the length of the course.

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