All These Parents Are Making Video Christmas Cards And The Rest Of Us Can Barely Get Our Paper Ones Out

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168681080 copy__1387565549_142.196.156.251All of these holiday videos are not making me merry. If I see one more expertly produced video before I get my Christmas cards in the mail, I’m going to freak.

I’ve finally figured out why I am so social media averse; it’s for over-achievers. It’s no secret that what we see online are highlight reels; no one posts pictures of themselves chasing their unmanageable toddler around – or showing off their toy-ridden living room. I mean, who wants to see that?


I thought about a list of things I’d be able to brag about in my own holiday video. There is no way I could sum up a whole year – I can’t even remember what I did last week. Instead, I decided to make a list of things that would be in my holiday video, if my holiday video celebrated all of the things I accomplished yesterday. I think it’s pretty impressive.

I made breakfast! 

 I put on real pants! 

I put pants on both my kids!

I didn’t say “shit” out loud once! 

I folded clothes instead of leaving Mt. Clean Clothes in my room to be confused at at later time this week for dirty laundry and re-washed!

I finished a cup of coffee before it got cold!

I did 12 sit-ups!

I watched this week’s episode of Top Chef after the kids went to bed and I didn’t fall asleep!

I didn’t pillage any of the stocking stuffer candy!


This is why I won’t be making a Christmas video.