10 Things Moms Want For Valentine’s Day

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woman opening heart boxSpare us the overpriced cards and cardboard hearts filled with waxy chocolates that the kids will just steal from us anyway. February 14th is a fake holiday where we are told that lavish gifts are both wanted and expected, but the marketing teams behind all those jewelry ads have got it all wrong. Here’s what moms really want for Valentine’s Day.


1. The remote control.

A vase filled with flowers in a house with toddlers is just a trip to the emergency room waiting to happen. There’s nothing romantic about blood unless you’re a Twilight fan. But letting me hate watch The Bachelor without interruptions is a rose I will accept.

2. A clean litter box.

I already deal with the bodily fluids of two humans, three if I count myself. Having someone else comb through the sandbox so I don’t have to makes me purr more than the cat.

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