The Holidays: The Time Of Year When Age-Appropriate Dresses For Girls Are Revered

girl holiday dress redConsidering that we live in a world where crotchless thongs for girls are now in existence, it doesn’t take much to assess that clothing for girls is getting more and more risque. And I’m not talking about the school administrator calling your daughter out for her mini skirt or the tank top that exposes some shoulder, God forbid. I’m talking about deliberate attempts to sexualize little girls with clothing like lingerie. And even if you’re slapping that crotchless thong out of your eight-year-old’s hand, the odds that she has been marketed some other garment that seeks to make her “sassy” or “sexy” is pretty high.

Luckily, this free for all always seems to die down around Thanksgiving as suddenly little girls don clothing actually befit for children. Like those floppy velvety dresses with big collars. Bows that tie behind a sash. Tights with patent mary-janes and big headbands. Big puffed sleeves.

Little girls who otherwise would be wearing sequined booty shorts brought to you by the GAP, are suddenly dressed in precious garments that actually remind you that they are kids — not contestants on Toddlers & Tiaras.

Even though girlhood has been shortened once again with the popularity of the word “tween,” girls bordering on their teen years usually find themselves in something pretty demure compared to what their parents would buy them for a day at school. Perhaps it’s the presence of so much family or the sudden attention to tradition, but the holidays bring on an unexpected wardrobe change in the lives of many young ladies — whether they are aware of it or not.

But after the Tofurky as been packed away and Hanukkah is over, girls revert back to their suggestive t-shirts and sexualizing shorts — not to be regarded as authentic girls again until the next holiday season. Perhaps a positive new years resolution this year would be to let that Christmas style spill over into all of  2012 with age-appropriate garments all year long.


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