Looking To Pinch Some Pennies? Try One Of These Unusual Money Saving Ideas!

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The equivalent of having kids is literally setting fire to a giant pile of money. Honestly, this isn’t even one of the most unusual money saving ideas.

Disposable income, who needs it?! We’re fine spending all our money on school and activities and food and toys and clothes and shit. It’s fine. WE’RE FINE. We love our kids, they’re darling and sweet and all that jazz. But they are expensive as hell. They always need stuff. It’s like they come into this world with the sole purpose of spending all your money. Even if you make them wear the same clothes all the time and regurgitate their food, they still need stuff like medicine and health care and whatever. It’s kind of a racket, to be honest.

Hopefully one of these unusual money saving ideas bears fruit for you! Unless you already have kids. Then sorry, you’re fucked.

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