Open Thread: Happy Thanksgiving! Is Your Family Driving You Crazy Yet?

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Happy Thanksgiving! Are you drunk yet?

I loveThanksgiving, because I love the idea of sitting around a table and eating for hours. What I do not love about Thanksgiving is that somebody always cries. Is that just my family? Okay.

There’s never a big argument or anything, but the idea that a bunch of friends and family are going to sit around and wait to be presented with a gorgeous dinner in the middle of the afternoon always stresses someone out. Usually my mother and sister, because they always cook everything. Before kids. I would pretend to be helping in some way by rolling linen napkins or something. Now I just pretend to be caring for my kids.

It’s not that I don’t want to help, it’s that my mother and sister are such control freaks about the cooking of the Thanksgiving meal, that I don’t get an opportunity to cook anything. At all. And I’m a great cook. I convinced my sister to let me cook this amazing brussels sprout dish that I make this year. My brother-in-law printed up menus (yes, they make menus for the dinner) and the brussels sprout dish was totally unrecognizable to me. She looked up a different dish and put that on the menu. Nice.

No big whoop, but it’s these kinds of little things that come up on the holidays to annoy the heck out of you. So, what’s going on in your house today that’s driving you nuts? This is a safe space.

Unless your family reads Mommyish.