Woman Sues NYPD After Officer Sent Her Lewd Text Messages Following Her Arrest

A woman in New York is suing the NYPD for at least $25,000, after an NYPD cop sent lewd messages to her following her arrest. Kammie Sifonte, 22, filed suit against officer Rony Santiago, the department, and the city. Kammie says that Santiago sent her lewd text messages after he arrested her for shoplifting. In the suit filed in the Bronx Supreme Court, Kammie is asking for in excess of $25,000 for emotional distress.

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Kammie says NYPD cop Rony Santiago began sending her  inappropriate messages almost immediately after she left the station.

The ordeal began on November 21, 2016. Kammie was arrested by Santiago for shoplifting at Target, and was taken to the 52nd Precinct in the Bronx. She was released shortly after receiving a desk-appearance ticket. That’s when, according to Kammie, the messages began.

Within 20 minutes of leaving the station, Kammie says she got the first message from Santiago. She did not give him her phone number, and she believes he got it from her arrest paperwork.

Kammie says the messages weren’t lewd or sexual in nature, at first. But she says they were aggressive. She told the New York Post that the first message read, “You owe me donuts [w]henever you are free let me know”¦I get off at 4.” Kammie responded, fearing Santiago could influence what happened with her criminal case. However, she says the messages got increasingly explicit over time.

Santiago continued to send messages; in one, he told her he wanted to have a threesome with her. In another, he made comments about her body.

Kammie says she was scared that if she ignored him, he would lie at her trial. She sent him a picture and responded to some of his messages. At one point, Kammie told the Post, Santiago even threatened to show up at her house. Kammie says she was shocked and confused, and afraid of retaliation.

According to Kammie, the messages stopped in November 2016. Her attorney told the Post that Santiago’s actions “erodes trust in the community, and that trust is essential.” Kammie’s case was eventually dismissed and sealed. Meanwhile, Santiago could not be reached by the Post for comment, and the NYPD declined to comment on pending litigation.

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(Image: Twitter / JeffreyGuterman)

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