Tragic: Robin Roberts’ Mother Dies On The Day She Heads Home For A Bone Marrow Transplant

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Robin RobertsMy heart just stopped in my chest for a minute when I heard about the new tragedy to hit Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts. Roberts has been seen as a rising star in journalism, with GMA recently beating The Today Show‘s ratings for the first time. Not to mention that Roberts scored the important interview where President Obama voiced his support for gay marriage. So it was all the more sad to hear that Robin would have to take time off work to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

In June, Roberts told the world that she was battling a rare blood disorder called MDS. Her sister would be donating bone marrow to help with Roberts’ treatment. Everyone was prepared for her to leave GMA and concentrate on her health after today’s broadcast.

Then, we found out that she was leaving a day early. Thursday, August 30th would be her last show before medical leave. Roberts needed to race home to be with her ailing mother. Her co-anchor, George Stephanopoulos, announced this morning that Robin had made it just in time to say goodbye. Her mother passed away shortly after she arrived.

Battling a dangerous disease is stressful enough, though Roberts has been unfailingly positive and optimistic. Really, her strength has been so admirable. To see her lose her mother right before this fight begins is just heart-wrenching.

We all know what a mother’s support and tenderness does when we’re sick. I don’t care how old you are, illness makes you want your mother. It makes you crave that comfort. My husband still calls my mom when I’m not feeling well. When I went through surgery, I wanted my mom there to hold my hand, just like I wanted my husband there.

While I’m lucky enough to have both of my parents here to support me, I’ve watched my mother struggle with losing a parent. It’s a horrible experience. There are just no words that justify it. The idea of going through that trauma while battling cancer is unimaginable to me.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Robin Roberts and her family. We wish them peace and healing, of both the body and the soul. I realize that gesture might seem empty, as I’ve never met Robin myself. But that doesn’t stop me from feeling for a woman who is going through so much all at once. I’m sure her strength will pull her through, but it’s difficult to see so much be asked of a single person. We wish her the best.

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