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9 Baby Names For Crazy Cat Ladies

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103307329 Hana Graham suffers from borderline personality disorder. She’s working with her team of medical professionals to plan a baby and we asked her to write about the process.

Ladies, you don’t need to drop your crazy cat lady swag when you pop out a baby. Let me help you. I’ve compiled a small list of (mostly) subtle and acceptable baby names whose meanings and/or origins have a special cat person shine to them. So without further ado, here are some crazy cat lady baby names that are totally acceptable to give to a child. Hooray!


1.Ari or Leo



Let’s start off with what are probably the least crazy names on this list. Both mean “lion”, and they’re both super cute. Ari can be lengthened or shortened to Ariel, Ariella, whatever you want. Leo is pretty versatile as well. And lions are big cats. It works for me!

2.Catarina (Cat for short, obvs)

(Image: wikipedia)

(Image: wikipedia)

This name is super cool because Catarina the name of Edgar Allen Poe‘s cat. So it’s a sneaky one. Except for the obvious nickname of “Cat”. Also, Poe is super goth and awesome.

Or just go with Cat – but you have to name your next cat “Child.”

Alternate options: Fleshbaby vs. Furbaby. These don’t really fit the list well though. That’s like, crazy cat lady names that are totally obviously crazy cat lady names, and will probably get your kids taken away by CPS. And your cats taken away too. Yeah, forget this suggestion.


3. Kitty

I don’t recommend this because this is all I see when I hear that name. But if you, for some reason, have never seen Arrested Development, go for it. You should probably go rent the entire box set of Arrested Development first, though, before you decide, and before you ever try to be friends with me. You just gotta SAY GOODBYE TO THESE, MICHAEL.


4. Bartholomew

Sure, you could call him Bart for short, but you could also call him…mew. Meeeew! Like a kitten. Mew mew mew!


5. Dinah

(Image: tumblr)

(Image: tumblr)

This is my favorite kitty name ever because I’m completely obsessed with everything related to Alice in Wonderland ever, and my husband won’t let me name any kids Cheshire or even Alice. I tried to get him to go for Dinah as a name for our newest kitten but he wouldn’t bite. So someone out there, please name your daughter Dinah for me.

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