We All Know Your Kids Watch TV, So Here Are Some Great Shows You May Not Know About

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My kid watches TV. I have no problem admitting it. He’s three-and-a-half years old and of course I know about all the studies that say he shouldn’t be watching television. Whatever. He watches a couple hours a day broken up between his favorite shows. I am a horrible parent. Or just a regular person who doesn’t think my kid dancing in front of a TV is a big deal.

He has some new favorites that you may or may not have seen yet, so I’m going to share them with you because I think they are awesome – all for different reasons. I’ve become an afficianado of children’s programming. None of these shows make me want to rip my face off.

Wallykazam, Nick Jr.

Wally is a troll who has a magic stick that makes words spring to life. Every show concentrates on a different first letter and teaches kids really interesting words. He hangs out with his best friends, a dragon, a giant and a goblin. And the songs will not drive you nuts.

El Perro Y El Gato, HBO

You have to have cable for this one, because it’s only on HBO. It’s about a dog and a cat who are best friends. The cat is super grumpy and the dog is a little hyperactive fun-ball. The entire show, they say words first in English then in Spanish.

Zack and Quack, Nick Jr.

This one’s about a little boy and his best duck friend who live inside a pop-up book. The only downfall to this one is now my son is obsessed with getting a pop-up book and those things are expensive.

Jim Henson’s Doozers, Hulu

Who doesn’t love Hulu? It’s free. If you buy yourself a Chromecast, your TV is now set up to watch all of this free content. Look into it. This show just premiered today, so I can’t report how my son feels about it yet. But as a child of the eighties and a lover of Fraggle Rock, I am so excited about this one! Do you remember this little green worker-men, the Do-ers? This is a spin-off of those guys, just more adorable and obviously with computer animation.

Super Why, PBS

“Whose got the power, the power to read? Who looks into books for the answers he needs? Super Why! Super Why! He’s our guy, he’s Super Why!” Need I say more?

I don’t judge parents who play the television for their kids occasionally to get some peace of their own, because I think it’s something we all do. The great thing about these shows is they are actually fun to watch so you may find yourself watching with your kid and having an impromptu dance party. Happens in our house a lot.