This Brilliant Toddler Hack Will Help Your Preschooler Put Their Shoes on the Right Feet Every Time

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Statistically speaking, a toddler putting on a pair of shoes should get those shoes on the correct feet 50 percent of the time, but toddlers defy the laws of physics and probability, because those shoes seem to wind up on the wrong feet every single time. Then you wind up either letting the kid walk around with a left shoe on a right foot, or you try to help and risk setting off an “I want to do it!” tantrum. Well now one mother has figured out the cutest way to help her preschooler figure out which shoe goes on which foot, and you’re going to want to steal it for every pair of shoes in the house.

Look at those cute little shoes! I can’t deal. According to Sora News 24, this mother’s preschooler did not know how to tell left from right and was constantly putting these school shoes on the wrong feet. (Kids in Japan switch shoes at school, so even if their parents help them put their shoes on the right feet at home, the kids still have to put on a new pair of shoes by themselves once they get to school.)

So she took a marker and drew a little cat into the shoes.

The cat is drawn in two pieces, half in each shoe, so the little girl knows that if the cat looks right, the shoes are the right way. If the cat’s split in two, she has to switch them around until the picture looks right.

I wish my mom had thought of this. I was terrible at putting my shoes on the right feet. I’m about to go draw cats into all my toddler’s shoes, because this is adorable.

Heck, I’m going to go draw cats in all my own shoes, too. I can tell right from left now, but this is adorable.

Do you have any ideas for helping kids put their shoes on the right feet? Let us know in the comments.

(Image: iStockPhoto / ballero)