‘Just Get A C-Section’ Says Male Radio Announcer Who’s Never Been Pregnant

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The Friars Club Roast Honoring Boomer EsiasonBoomer Esiasion, retired NFL quarterback and current radio announcer is super annoyed that a Mets player would put the birth of his child over Opening Day. New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy left the team to be with his wife in Florida following the birth of their son. He has the right to paternity leave under his employment agreement. Esiason doesn’t care. He thinks the couple should’ve had a c-section to prevent this conflict of interest.

“Bottom line, that’s not me,” Esiason said on his morning radio show. “I wouldn’t do that. Quite frankly, I would have said ‘C-section before the season starts. I need to be at Opening Day. I’m sorry, this is what makes our money, this is how we’re going to live our life, this is going to give my child every opportunity to be a success in life.’”

Yes, I can totally see how wanting to witness your son’s first moments of existence would be less important than a couple days of baseball.  Implying that you would force your own wife under the knife is pretty creepy; I sincerely hope he was exaggerating here. Also – this is none of your damn business. “C-section before the season starts?” Boomer Esiason; former quarterback and some-time gynecologist. Ridiculous.

Declaring that someone’s wife should have major surgery so a player can be around for Opening Day is nothing short of stupid. Esiason was named “Father of the Year” by the first annual Open Salon Father’s Day Awards in 2009 – I’m assuming for all the work he’s done raising money to fund research on cystic fibrosis – a a disease of the respiratory and digestive systems that his own son has been fighting since he was two. Is this something that a Father of the Year says? I think no.

As an observer this annoys me. If I was that player I would be irate.

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