10 Reasons Parents Hate Caillou And Think He Should DIAF

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Parents Hate CaillouAnd yes, for those of you who aren’t 13 years old like me, DIAF means “Die In A Fire.” And I would never say that about a real person who wasn’t a member of the WBC, but come on, all I had to do was casually mention yesterday that I hate Caillou in my article called 10 Worst Places You Will Go When You Have Kids and so many of you agreed with me, that Caillou fucker needs to die in a fire. Parents hate Caillou. All that kid does is whine, whine, whine. He is a horrible role model for toddlers. He makes adult childbearing women become infertile. He is probably the reason why kittens die. The economy sucks due to Caillou. Parents HATE Caillou.

Always Jacked About Fatherhood Hates Caillou 
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From Always Jacked About Fatherhood:


This is a sample lyric:

Growing up is not so tough/Except when I’ve had enough/But there’s lots of fun stuff/I’m Caillou

It’s that second line I don’t get. There is nothing about this kid’s life that will cause enough trauma to make him not want to grow up.

 Tractorcake On Twitter Hates Caillou

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 How To Be A Dad Hates Caillou



From How To Be A Dad:

We follow this pseudo-Charlie-Brown as he whines, kvetches, barks orders at people, hurts himself, throws tantrums, causes trouble and generally shares his self-centered, pathetic, purposeless outlook on life to thousands of kids all over the world.

This Video Pretty Much Sums Up What We All Feel 
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Karen Albert From Baby Sideburns Hates Caillou, And His Mother 


From Karen:

What is up with all the dowdy moms on this show? Like Caillou’s mom (see how that works, narrator?). Not only does she dress like she’s 9,000 years old, she constantly looks like she’s free-balling. Did the illustrator forget to draw a bra on her? And if this show is all about characters we can relate to, is she supposed to look like me? Talk about insulting.  Do I walk around with my muffin top protruding beneath my shirt? No. I do what all the mothers do. I squish it into my jeans where no one can see it.


Our Reader BlahBlah Has Been Totally Traumatized By Caillou 

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There Is A Facebook Page Dedicated To People Who Hate Caillou 


And you can join it here.

Renegade Mothering Really Hates Caillou

From Renegade Mothering:

It’s clear to me you’re waging a war on the American people, running around households on the sly, disguised as some harmless cartoon when really you’re a small bald Satan with a diabolical plan.

I know what you’re doing. I see it. You’re trying to create a generation of entitled whiny-ass humans running around losing their shit because they want to go to the zoo NOW but they CAN’T because daddy has to work.

 Mompocalypse Hates Caillou 



From Mompocalypse:

Those G-D puppets. In some episodes, there are vignettes with Caillou’s cat, turtle, and…I don’t know…teddy bear? Ferret? Whatever. Point being: the puppets have no real place in the story. And hearing them tack on their little “And me!” chorus on the theme song is just a disappointing reminder that I am in for a half an hour of whining. Mostly the whining is from Caillou, but sometimes I join in.


IMDB Reviewers Agree, Parents Hate Caillou 

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