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7 Ways Toddlers Are The Best At Celebrating Earth Day

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happy-baby-with-globeToday is Earth Day for adults, but every day is Earth Day when you’re a toddler. Who delights more in the spoils of nature than the tiniest members of our society? Sure, you might be drinking your latte from a cup made of recycled materials right now, but your toddler is busy converting Play-Doh into actual food and watering plants with their urine. You can’t top that. Here are seven ways toddlers are awesome at celebrating Earth Day:

1. They conserve water by refusing to bathe.


Why waste gallons filling up the tub when you can just hang around outside and wait for rain? Sure, you might start to stink, but there’s an all-you-can-eat bug buffet out there and it’s not like your toddler friends will mind because they’re on bath strike too.

2. The eat off the floor.


To you it might look gross, but to them it’s just another form of upcycling. Waste turns into food, food turns into waste. Kids are going to save the world.

3. They stop and smell every flower.


That flower is delightful! So is that one. And that one! Oh, and this one. Also, that one over there! It might take you four hours to walk two blocks, but no one shows Mother Nature more love than a toddler.

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