Bored Moms Have Made The Tooth Fairy Ridiculously High Maintenance‏

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Between my two kids, we have five loose teeth in our family right now. The Tooth Fairy is definitely on my mind these days. I have always been a simple “dollar under the pillow” kind of mom but I figured in our Elf on the Shelf world of mystical childhood magic, there had to be parents over-doing it for the simple act of a kid losing teeth. Of course, what parents choose to focus on is their prerogative, but come on. Kids will lose 20 baby teeth over the course of their childhood. Are parents really ready to roll out the Tooth Fairy glittery, red carpet all 20 times this happens? Clearly, I represent the under-achiever side of the coin but Pinterest is full of ideas for how to go overboard with recognizing this childhood milestone. I have gathered here some of the best examples of high-maintenance Tooth Fairy extremism for your perusal:

1. Tooth Fairy Reports

There exists on Pinterest a plethora of printables so you can have an official means of evaluating the quality of your child’s tooth from the point-of-view of the Tooth Fairy. How about…

nope louis ck


2. A Tooth Fairy Door

I’m sorry, maybe I’m new here, but isn’t your kid’s pillow the Tooth Fairy door? Apparently, that’s not whimsical enough for some as there are tutorials for creating a twee little fairy portal for the Tooth Fairy to enter through.

no time for that


3. Glittery Messes

If you totally hate yourself and enjoy wasting time cleaning, you could always go the glitter route. Here’s an idea for glitter-stamping a tooth shape onto paper money or you could leave a fancy streak of glitter under the kid’s pillow or on a window sill. Because nothing says Good Use Of My Time like cleaning up glitter.

amy kidding me


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