10 Ways To Deal With All Of Your Kid’s Artwork

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When my kids started daycare, they were bringing home artwork left and right. At first, I obsessively saved every single thing they made marveling at their obvious artistic talent and hanging it all over the house. It didn’t take long for it to become apparent that I would have to weed through the barrage of masterpieces being sent home each week or else my home would be covered in paper. My kids have been in daycare or school for the last four years so I have had a while to find ways to handle all of my kid’s artwork. Here, I will share with you the tips I have learned along the way in hopes of helping you preserve your child’s self-esteem and your neat and tidy home:

1. Throw It Out While They Sleep


Duh. This is the obvious choice but sometimes, it feels too cruel. I reserve it for when we are at Artwork Critical Mass and I simply need to clear space.

2. Give It Away To Family Members


HERE GRANDMA! HAVE SOME PICTURES!” The guilt works every time.

3. Let The Kids Put It Through The Paper Shredder


See, this let’s them know things are being thrown away so you don’t feel deceitful but what kid doesn’t want a chance to play with the paper shredder? I’m 32 and hell, I think it’s a blast.

4. “It’s Going To Work With Daddy!”


Where he can then toss it in his office recycling bin!

5. Turn It Into Wrapping Paper

wrapping paper

This is another cute way to foist your kid’s artwork on your family instead of letting it clutter your house.

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