‘Teen Mom”s Catelynn Baltierra Opens Up About Depression While Husband Tyler Posts Sweet Message of Support

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Depression is a serious and complicated illness. It’s not just a matter of being “sad” or not trying hard enough to be happy. It’s serious, life-threatening, and it can happen to anybody. This week Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Baltierra posted to Twitter that she’d been having extreme suicidal urges, so she was going to seek treatment.

“Well today I thought of every way to kill myself.. so I’m going to treatment,” she wrote. She included the hashtag #MakeChesterProud, a reference to the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, who died by suicide in July.

Not long after that, she posted a photo of the tattoo on her arm, which reads, “My story isn’t over yet.” It was an optimistic note. She knows she’s having problems, and she’s getting help to try to get through it.

Support from the people around you is important, and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, posted a photo to Instagram. He said he’s proud of her, and he’ll always have her back.

“‪We just dropped her off,” he wrote. “We haven’t held each other & just cried like that for a long time. Even after 12 years, I continue to be AMAZED by her strength, vulnerability, & courage to get help. ‘As long as I am alive, you will never be alone’ – It is my call to arms & I will fight this war with her right by her side, we will not surrender to this…I will go to battle EVERY TIME for her!”

Tyler and Catelynn are the only couple from the cast of the original 16 and Pregnant who are still together. They’ve been together 12 years, have been married for two, and have a two-year-old daughter named Novalee. (The couple was featured on 16 and Pregnant as teenagers, and they had a baby girl, who was adopted by a North Carolina couple.)

According to Romper, Catelynn previously suffered from severe postpartum depression, and she went to a treatment facility in 2016 to get help.

Catelynn’s mother also issued a message of support to her daughter while she seeks treatment.

Depression and anxiety are serious problems. They’re an illness, not a choice or something a person has done wrong. Catelynn was brave to talk about her struggles in public, and it’s heartening to see her family rally behind her.

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