Melania Trump Does Not Care, and That Should Not Surprise Us

For some reason, people are good and goddamn set on giving Melania Trump a pass while her husband completely destroys this country. Conservative circles get really pearl-clutchy when the media so much as breathes in her general direction. She always gets the benefit of the doubt, despite being supportive of and complicit in much of the havoc her husband wreaks. With the horrors of the family separations happening, Flotus shared her sentiments on Twitter, and expressed that she believes families should be kept together. Good start! But then, while boarding a plane to visit immigrant children being held in detention centers away from their families, Melania wore a jacket that was AT BEST in poor taste. At worst, it was exactly what we should expect from that entire family.

Melania Trump decided she would “Be Best” during her visit today.

The Zara jacket says (no fucking joke), “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” on the back. Now. Listen. LISTEN. Ignore for a second where she was headed (to visit immigrant children ripped from their families). Ignore that the entire country is begging and pleading with those in power to care about these kids. EVEN IF this was a trip to, who knows, Mar-A-Lago, please for A SECOND think about the fucking optics of wearing that jacket. Please imagine the goddamn outrage if Michelle Obama had worn that jacket. Ever.

I’m going to say this for the people in the back: MELANIA TRUMP IS NOT A GOOD PERSON.

She wore that jacket on the plane. She AT LEAST had the good sense to not wear it while she told displaced kids, “Good luck!”. But then she put it back on, well after the outrage had begun. She’s playing us all. But according to her husband, the jacket did have a message.

Sure thing, you fucking monster. That makes perfect sense.

(Image: Twitter/@Politics_PR)

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