Uh-Oh: Instant Pot Recalls One of Their Cookers Over Fire Hazard

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Well, this isn’t great news. An Instant Pot recall is underway, affecting one particular model that was sold exclusively at Walmart. The Instant Pot gem 65 8-in-1 is being recalled for potential fire hazard. The recall does not include the super popular round models that can be found at various retailers.

The Instant Pot recall is for the Gem 65 8-in-1. It’s the oval shaped cooker, not the round pot-like models that are popular at the moment.

instant pot recall

Image: Instant Pot

There have been 107 reports of the Gem 65 overheating. Five of those reports include instances where a small fire caused minor property damage. According to Double Insight, who imports and distributes the machine, the overheating is caused by “a tooling misalignment during the manufacturing process, which created a gap between the bottom of the inner pot and the top surface of the heating plate in the product. This gap can cause the multicooker to overheat and melt on the underside, posing a fire hazard to consumers.”

The batchcodes affected by the recall are 1728, 1730, 1731, 1734, and 1746. The batchcode can be found on the rating label underneath the multicooker.

This Instant Pot was sold exclusively at Walmart stores on online and retailed for about $80. Customers who have one are urged not to use it. AND PLEASE UNPLUG THEM (RIP, Jack). The cookers can be returned to any Walmart store for a free replacement. If you own one and don’t live near a Walmart, you can contact Double Insight for a return label and instructions. For more information, call 888-891-1473 8:30 a.m.-10 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m.-6 p.m. weekends or go to

Considering I just extolled the virtues of the Instant Pot, this is a little awkward for me. But if you own this model, return it and get one like this. As of now, the only fire it starts is in your belly with delicious and easy meals.

(Image: Instant Pot)