I Am Super Apprehensive About Kim Kardashian Tackling Her ‘Fertility Issues’ On Reality TV

Kim KardashianKourtney and Kim Kardashian were on The Today Show this morning talking with Savannah Guthrie about the next season of Kim & Kourtney Take Miami. And while all the other news outlets might be buzzing about an odd joke about the sisters breastfeeding each other’s kids, I think there was a bigger, more troubling story buried near the end of the interview. When Guthrie (rudely) asks whether Kim’s pregnancy was planned, the reality star mentions that she has ‘fertility issues’ similar her sister Khloe, and that she’ll be addressing them in her show.

Khloe Kardashian has been open and outspoken about her difficulty getting pregnant. As a reward, she’s been treated to countless tabloid magazines suggesting that her husband is leaving her because she can’t get pregnant. It’s been sad to watch, but it’s also made Khloe seem particularly endearing, and dare I say it, genuine. They’re qualities which the rest of her family is seriously lacking.

Now, it looks like Kim will be embarking on her own fertility journey. While most assumed that the still-not-divorced-from-that-one-guy reality star was surprised to find herself pregnant with Kanye West‘s baby, the fertility story line suggests that Kim was planning to get pregnant for some time. And that she had barriers to pregnancy.

As a woman who has made it my mission to talk about fertility issues, chronicling my own experience for this very site, I should be thrilled about any celebrity discussing this often-secret struggle. I should be thrilled with anyone encouraging conversation about a problem that can often feel lonely and isolating. I have to admit, Khloe’s openness about her problems made me appreciate her.

And yet, there’s something about Kim Kardashian broaching the topic that gives me an icky feeling. I’m nervous, with the tell-tale pit in the bottom of my stomach. Maybe it’s her unique ability to publicize every single aspect of her life. Maybe it’s her insincerity, best remembered by the “fairy tale wedding specials” that aired approximately a month before she announced her divorce. Maybe I’m just jealous and annoyed that a newly pregnant lady wants sympathy from the “trying to conceive” set.

Whatever it is, I am seriously apprehensive about Kim’s “fertility issues” becoming a story arc on her newest season of reality television. I am worried that she’ll show a single trip to a doctor’s office and an emotional 2-minute monologue and pretend that this is what infertility looks like.

Infertility is a grueling process. It is months and years of fighting for the child that you so desperately want. And I feel like a horrible hypocrite brushing off another woman’s possible struggle. I feel like a terrible person for suggesting that Kim Kardashian’s problems with fertility might not be as a deep or worthy of discussion as anyone else’s.

And yet, I’m still nervous.

(Photo: WENN)

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