Melissa Joan Hart Catches Heat for Tone-Deaf Griping About Hurricane Maria

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Life is full of little annoyances, and whinging about those can be fun. It is generally considered extremely bad form, however, to moan about something that is a petty annoyance to you, but a life-changing disaster for someone else. If 20 people die in a terrible train accident, don’t complain about how it affects your commute. That’s a lesson Melissa Joan Hart should have kept in mind this week, before she complained on Instagram that it was “such a bummer” that Hurricane Maria had ruined her vacation.

According to US Weekly, Hart deleted the Instagram not long after she posted it. People who saw it immediately started pointing out that it was a pretty tasteless thing to say.

Hart was reportedly about to go on a fun family vacation, but the weather made that impossible. She received a text alert on her phone that said: “Maria has officially made landfall on the Caribbean island of Dominica as a Category 5 hurricane.”

That’s horrible news. People are going to lose everything. Puerto Rico is entirely without power, possibly for months. So far, at least nine people have been killed by Hurricane Maria. Seven deaths were reported in Dominica, and two in Guadalupe. There will almost certainly be more.

Then, Hart took a screenshot of the weather alert about the hurricane in Dominica and posted it to Instagram.

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