8 Ways To Take Christmas Back From Your Kids

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We have written a lot over the last few weeks about all things Christmas and most of it, of course, had to do with our kids. How much we spend, what we should buy, whether we should involve a certain creepy Elf and if the Santa Lie is acceptable. Amid all of this kids and Christmas talk, my thoughts turned to ME. Naturally. What about the adults? Us parents that trek all over in search of the perfect gifts for the kids, the Elf parents who spend all kinds of effort making sure shit is whimsical and those of us volunteering at school parties, sending out adorable photo cards and making one batch of cookies after another. Of course, a lot of the joy of the season is seeing our children enjoy it. I freely admit that their faces lighting up at the sight of the tree warms my Grinchy heart in a way I never knew possible. However, Christmas was here before we had kids and we must have done SOMETHING to make it meaningful so why should that stop just because we have children?

I’ve decided this is the year to take Christmas back from your kids. Do something this month for you or you and your significant other if you have one. Here are some ideas that came to mind when I remembered that I too exist in the month of December:

1. Have An Adult Night At Home

wine wiig

Even if you don’t have the time or money to really go out, dedicate an evening by yourself or with your partner to drink wine and stare at the tree. I find myself SO harried this time of year and usually, my husband is brushed aside while I try to get it all done. It’s good to remember that WE still exist.

2. Open Gifts Alone

weird gift

My parents always did this and I never understood why until I had my own kids. They would open their gifts to each other on Christmas Eve, after the kids had gone to sleep. It’s a small gesture but a meaningful one- you will definitely not be able to appreciate whatever your spouse has done for you while you trip over Barbie parts and a mountain of wrapping paper scraps.

3. Do Something Pamper-y


Even if it’s just a quick manicure or hair trim, do something where you are being taken care of. I am a wild woman this time of year- it’s nice to slow down and remember that I matter.

4. Go On A Light-Spotting Date

xmas lights

If you can get someone to watch the kids, go buy lattes and drive around neighborhoods to see the lights. It’s seasonal and relaxing. My favorite talks with my husband usually happen in the car when the kids are sleeping or we are alone. Add in pretty Christmas lights and it’s almost like a date.

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