Real-Life Scrooge Landlord Forbids Soldier From Staying With His Wife And Newborn For Christmas

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Bah, humbug and pull up a seat because I’m about to tell you the tale of a real-life Scrooge down in South Carolina. Ready? Okay. Here we go. ‘Twas two weeks before Christmas and a soldier on leave was looking forward to coming home and spending time with his wife and newborn daughter for the holidays. Sergeant William Bolt, who has been stationed in Missouri for the last six months while his wife lives back home in South Carolina, is being kicked out of his wife’s apartment by her landlord and banned from staying with his family for the holidays. Why, you ask? What egregious faux pas has Bob Cratchit Sgt. Bolt committed to warrant such an extreme decision?

His name isn’t on the lease, so he’s technically trespassing. In his own wife’s apartment. Where his newborn baby lives. Even though he’s the spouse of the tenant, apparently the landlord said he’s still not allowed to stay. All visitors have to vacate the premises after seven days. Bolt claims the landlord threatened to press charges and double his wife’s rent if he stayed.

“He stated to me that he didn’t care about our situation, he didn’t care about me being in the military.”

While I absolutely feel that the landlord’s position here is beyond ridiculous, technically it is his property and he’s probably well within his rights to remove a “visitor” who is overstaying his welcome. It’s just really unfortunate and totally effed up that he feels a United States soldier visiting his wife and baby qualifies as an unwelcome “visitor.” Mrs. Bolt is currently enrolled in classes at Clemson University, which means she’s juggling being a student, a brand-new mom, a wife, and the possibility of getting evicted this holiday season.

Can we send a nice gourmet popcorn tin and a Massage Envy gift certificate to this woman please? Jeez Louise. Here’s hoping ol’ Ebeneezer has a change of cold, dead, blackened heart for Christmas.

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