17 Most Popular Jogging Strollers: Ranked

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jogging strollers

Image: iStock / Halfpoint

If you’re a runner and a new mommy, you have probably have been counting down the days until you can go on that unencumbered circuit. Running while pregnant, while typically safe and healthy, just isn’t the same. Mostly, it’s the baby head bumping your bladder and making that feeling of an eminent pee a constant bother that’s the problem. Afterward, when cleared by your doctor, that first run can either feel like agony since your muscles are a bit different or total freedom since that baby is now on the outside.

Some women even start a running routine for the first time while pregnant, which again is generally safe as long as the pregnancy is uncomplicated. In fact, for those with gestational diabetes increased workouts can help stabilize blood sugar levels. For all ladies, regular light exercise during pregnancy and late recovery can help with symptoms like back pain and nagging fatigue. However, if you’re going to run after baby’s born, you’re going to need one thing- a jogging stroller.

Below you’ll find a rundown on what’s on the market, what you can expect to pay for both high and lower end products, and what other consumers have thought about the strollers they purchased. We’ll tell you where to find the best strollers for running with a new baby-

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