Gift This: 10 Creative Gifts For Kids That Don’t Involve Screens

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My entire family is currently on a TV ban, after we all got too addicted to watching hours of TV instead of doing, well…anything else. If you’re like me, and are in search of a gift for the kids in your life that’s creative, imaginative and doesn’t involve something they can swipe with their finger, then you’ve come to the right place. And the best part – grown ups can play with ’em too.

1. Kiwi Crate


Full disclosure: I was sent one of these for free by the company. That being said, I’m under no obligation to review it, mention it or pimp it out. I’m posting it first on this list because it is effing awesome. It’s a monthly box subscription (you can also just get a single one-time box) with activities and crafts for kids, designed by age. My four-year-old and I have made napkin rings, a play horse, and painted a banner for her room. She calls them her “activities” and asks to do one each day after school. The projects are simple and the results magical, and I had even more fun doing them than my kid.

2. Hazel Village


The stuffed animals of Hazel Village are quirky and cute, and come personalized with your kid’s name embroidered on their chest. The clothes and accessories are all funky and unique, like these creatures spend their days shopping at the best Brooklyn thrift stores. Perfect for hours of reenacting The Royal Tenenbaums.

3. Lulu Jr. My Comic Book – Create Your Own Comic

A perfect gift for a pre-teen – kids are given everything they need to write and draw their own comic book. When it’s finished you send it off to the company and then send back a printed, finished copy.

4. 4D New York City Skyline Time Puzzle

3D puzzles are a nice twist on your boring old jigsaw, but this puzzle steps it up to the 4D zone. Not only do you build the New York City skyline, but it also takes you through the city’s historical growth over the years. (Sidewalks that smell like pee not included.)

5. Make Your Own Cards 

Any toy where you kid can churn out something YOU can use is a win-win. Plus these make the perfect thank you cards they can send to thank their grandparents for all those nice gifts.

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