10 Reasons To Stress Over Your Family’s Holiday Card

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Halloween is over and the first thing on my holiday to-do list is coming up with our family’s yearly holiday photo card. I do this because we don’t really send photos to friends and relatives at any other point in the year so it’s a good way to give everyone a current picture of the kids. It sounds great in theory but every year, it turns into a total shit show for one reason or another. Holiday cards seem to be a big source of stress this time of year for many moms. Maybe some of you are better at life than we are and can tell us how you do it. In the meantime, see below for the many reasons to stress over your family’s holiday card:

1. “I Need A Good Picture This Year”

family pic

Maybe last year, you waited too long to take a picture and had to settle for less than your best. This year will be different, you think to yourself.

2. “The Kids Are Sick This Week- Maybe Next Week”


Shit. The kids are snot fountains and just want to lay around and watch Nick Jr. It will have to wait.

3. “Shutterfly Has Free Shipping And 20% Off This Week- Just Wipe The Snot And Get It Done”

say yes

Saving $16? Give it a shot. Bribe with your leftover Halloween candy, if necessary.


do not want

Jesus CHRIST, how hard is it to get one picture of two kids both looking at the camera with their eyes open?! Apparently, very.

5. “I Don’t Like Any Of These Designs”


You finally get a great picture but none of the designs on your favorite sites are jumping out at you. One bottle of wine later, you arrive on a winner but…..

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