Fa-La-La-La-La I Hate Your Effing Guts – Most Awkward Holiday Photos, Ever

Awkward Family Photos is pretty much the best site, ever – especially around the holidays. Are you having one of those Decembers that has convinced you that your family is the absolute worst, loudest, weirdest, drunkest (insert characteristic here)? Well – there is someone who has it worse. This site proves it.

Awkward Family Photos is to making you feel better about your family as Pinterest is to making you hate all your skills and everything you own. Here’s a nice round-up of families who obviously hate each other, the world, or both. Hope it makes you feel better. Happy Holidays!

1. I Never Asked For A Sister 

Pinterest/ Today.com

You’ve destroyed my life with this sibling I never asked for and now I’m getting wallets for Christmas? That’s it. I’m killing her.

2. Merry Christmas, Jerks

Pinterest/ iVillage.com

One day you wake up and realize you’ve done nothing with your life but produce a son who’s possibly a serial killer and a daughter who hates you. Happy Holidays. Somebody put me out of my misery.

3. Someone’s Dead

Awkward Family Photos

This Christmas tree hunt has gone horribly wrong.

4. Santa Is A Creep

Awkward Family Photos

Santa is a creep and that elf is getting a kick in the face on the way out of here.

5. Is The Stupid Holiday Feast Ready Or What?

Awkward Family Photos

Her: You are an insufferable asshole.

Him: I hate you.

6. Santa Will Haunt Your Dreams

Awkward Family Photos

 I don’t want my kid to recognize me in this Santa suit because that would be traumatic for her.

7. The Doll/Ghost/Girl Is Not Amused

Awkward Family Photos

Is that a doll? A ghost? Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees her.

8. I Hate It Here

Awkward Family Photos

Guesses? I’m going to go with dress up and make believe. The daughter is going to marry the baby jesus and her brother is going to be the creepy wedding dj.

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