STFU Parents: Cheers To Funny Dads On Facebook For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is just a couple of days away, so this week I’m giving a shout out to funny dudes whose posts are worthy of a Gold Star. Much like last year’s Father’s Day column, I’ve chosen submissions that inspire more laughs than they do cringes — although it can be tough for dads to write funny parenting updates that don’t make their friends cringe just a little. I think it’s in guys’ chromosomal make-up to consider the funny or positive qualities about something disgusting, and I for one salute that effort. It’s better than just posting a picture of a turd, after all (not that people don’t occasionally do that, too).

I also enjoy submissions written by dads because men seemingly “discover” things about parenthood that they never expected more often than moms do. I get the impression that mothers anticipate the diaper rashes, constipation, placenta cookbooks as baby shower gifts, and even the occasional baby boner. Since men don’t appear to share the same level of anticipation, their updates tend to read as pure comedy.

I hope all the dads out there have a great Father’s Day!

1. “Berry” Delicious 

STFU Parents

The original status update cracks me up, because J. is so clearly flummoxed by the prospect of blending up berry-flavored yogurt and “chunks” of his wife’s placenta after she delivers their baby, but it’s really his comment that makes this a Gold Star candidate. Goat entrails and pond scum might even be preferable to a chunky placenta ‘n berry smoothie, if you ask me. This is one subject some men can’t understand — and for good reason.

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